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Who Benefits from Vision Therapy?

Learning-related Vision Problems

Vision Therapy can help children and adults who lack the necessary visual skills for effective reading, writing, and learning (i.e., eye movement and focusing skills, convergence, eye-hand activity, visual memory skills, etc.).

To learn more about vision-related learning problems, visit any of these web pages on:

vision and learning, eyesight and reading, eye tracking and/or convergence insufficiency.

Find out how 20-20 Eyesight and 20/20 Eye Screenings - Not Perfect for Learning and School!

Information about learning related vision problems and: learning disabilities (LD's), Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD), dyslexia and vision.

Vision Therapy helps students who have problems with reading or read below grade level, have difficulty with handwriting, homework (i.e. math, spelling, etc.).

Vision Therapy can also help students who have been labeled "slow learners, lazy students, Attention Deficit (ADD)"  or have behavior problems or require special education.

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Vision Therapy
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Vision Therapy
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