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  • Convergence Insufficiency May Lead to Trouble in School
    Convergence insufficiency is the inability to keep both eyes working together at a close distance.  To see properly, both eyes must turn inward to view objects that are near, but Read more
  • Vision Therapy is Effective in Treating Many Eye Conditions
    While some eye conditions are best treated with eyeglasses or contact lenses, some forms of vision impairment can be resolved through a treatment known as Vision Therapy.  This type of Read more
  • Should Children Wear Contact Lenses?
    A common belief is that children should not wear contact lenses under any circumstances, but that is not always the best assumption to make. There are, in fact, many beneficial Read more
  • Prevention and Care of Eye Injuries in Children
    Each year, thousands of children suffer eye injuries or blindness due to accidents that could have been prevented.  Safety should always be the main concern when it comes to activities Read more
  • How to Find Relief From Dry Eyes
    The condition known as Dry Eye can cause you to experience redness, itchiness, grittiness, blurred vision or a feeling that there is something in your eye.  Or conversely, it may Read more
  • Smoking Can Have Harmful Effects on Your Vision
    Smoking is a very dangerous habit and is widely known to cause heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema and the list goes on.  But many people do not realize that smoking Read more
  • Understanding Double Vision
    Double vision, or Diplopia, occurs when a person sees a double image instead of just one.  It can affect one or both eyes and can result from a variety of Read more
  • Eye Exams are Important at Every Age
    Most people understand the importance of seeing their doctor for regular exams in order to maintain their health.  But seeing an eye doctor on a regular basis is just as Read more
  • Behavioral Issues Can Be Caused by Vision Problems
    Teachers think your child has trouble paying attention in class? The Reason May Be Their Vision!  Many classroom concerns can actually be attributed to treatable vision conditions.  Inattentiveness, frustration, lack of Read more
  • That Blurry Vision Could be Lazy Eye
    That Blurry Vision Could be Lazy Eye If your child is experiencing signs of blurry vision or lack of depth perception, they might be suffering from Amblyopia, or “lazy eye”.   Read more
  • Vision Rehabilitation for Post-Concussive Syndrome
    Participating in sports as a child or adult can be a very rewarding, character-building experience.  But a single blow to the head, even if it is minor, can result in Read more
  • 5 Ways to Protect Your Vision
    Many people are under the impression that eyesight will automatically deteriorate with age, regardless of how you take care of your eyes.  However, there are steps that can, and should, Read more
  • How to Care for Contact Lenses
    If you are wearing contact lenses to correct your vision, it is important that you care for them properly in order to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.Personal Care There are Read more
  • Symptoms and Treatment of Astigmatism
    Astigmatism   is a condition in which the front part of the eyeball, known as the cornea, is shaped incorrectly, and therefore light does not focus properly on the retina. Read more
  • Improve Performance With Sports Vision Therapy
    Improve Performance With Sports Vision TherapyJust like speed and strength, vision also plays a big role in sports.  Many different vision skills work together to affect how well you play Read more


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