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Tips for Selecting Your Perfect Eyeglasses

When shopping for new eyeglasses, there are often so many styles, colors and shapes to pick from that it’s hard to know which pair to choose.  Do you go with the latest style in the hottest new color that everyone is wearing now, or do you stick with a more classic choice that will stand the test of time?  If you really want eyeglasses that will make you look and feel fantastic, you should make sure they are perfectly suited to your face.  Here’s how you can accomplish that.

Eyeglasses Should Match Your Face Shape

Faces come in five basic shapes, and paying attention to which category your face most resembles can help you decide on the right kind of frames.

  • Round – Choose frames that are rectangular or square, as they tend to make a face look slimmer and longer
  • Square – Oval or round frames will help balance the angular features of this face shape
  • Heart – Frames that are wider at the bottom will offset the wider forehead of this face shape, adding width to the narrower part of the face.  Rounded frames can also be flattering here.
  • Oval – Stick with frames that are wider than the broadest part of your face, that are not overly large, to maintain the symmetry of an oval face
  • Diamond – Compliment a narrow forehead and chin by choosing frames that are wider than the cheekbones, such as cat eye or oval styles

Match Your Eyeglasses To Your Skin Tone

Eyeglasses come in many different colors, so figure out what your skin tone is and choose your frames to compliment your tone.

  • Warm skin tone – a yellow or golden cast to your skin indicates a warm tone and is best complimented by shades of brown, gold or honey, as well as olive green, light tortoise, warm blue or red.
  • Cool skin tone – these skin tones are indicated by pink or blue undertones and tend to look best in silver, black, gray, shades of pink or purple, jade and darker tortoise.

These are just suggestions, of course.  Your favorite pair may not fall into any of these categories and that’s perfectly fine.  As long as you feel great in your glasses, that’s all that matters!

Family Vision Development Center has a wide variety of great styles and colors to choose from in our state-of-the-art optical center.  Contact us at 630-862-2020 to meet with one of our optical specialists to select the perfect frames to enhance your vision, as well as your confidence.

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