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At the Family Vision Development Center we offer full service eye care. This means we can provide all of the vision needs for your whole family. This includes general eye exams, advanced vision therapy services, contact lens fittings and the ability to diagnose and treat ocular disease such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eye and diabetes just to name a few.

We provide these services in our family friendly office with an exceptionally dedicated and well-trained staff. The doctors and staff at the Family Vision Development Center take pride in providing individualized care for all patients.

Vision Therapy is Our Specialty

Our specialty is neuro-optometric rehabilitation and vision therapy services. We treat binocular (two-eyed) vision disorders such as convergence insufficiency, focusing (accommodative) dysfunctions, strabismus (exotropia, esotropia) and amblyopia (lazy eye). We also provide vision rehabilitation services for Post-Concussive Vision Syndrome and vision problems related to traumatic and acquired brain injury such as strokes. We will provide you with the most comprehensive neuro-optometric vision evaluation and will create individualized treatment programs using the most current and effective equipment and methods.

Synaptic Trainer

Working One-On-One With Dr. Martin

As an experienced Aurora optometrist and vision rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Martin provides area residents with comprehensive eye care and vision therapy solutions for both adults and children. Dr. Martin is specially trained to treat a variety of vision related conditions using complete vision therapy services designed to restore and improve visual efficiency.

When you make an appointment with Dr. Martin for vision therapy, you will first receive a comprehensive eye health and vision evaluation. Once your testing has been completed and Dr. Martin has evaluated your results, we will work one on one with you to discuss vision therapy exercises that can be completed both in-office and at home. These exercises are designed to help restore your vision, and help you to process visual information more effectively. With regular vision therapy, many patients have noticed significant improvements in their vision.

Vision is one of the most precious senses we have, and living life with impaired vision is difficult and often frustrating. If you have been diagnosed with a vision limiting condition, or are experiencing blurred or double vision, visit Dr. Martin for a complete vision and eye health evaluation. Even if you've been told in the past that there's nothing you can do about your vision problems, or that you will have to "live with" your impaired vision, Dr. Martin may be able to help using the most advanced and up-to-date vision therapy techniques and vision services available.

Our Approach to Optometry

We believe in a one-on-one approach to optometry. At the Family Vision Development Center, we are dedicated to providing high-quality optometry services in a comfortable environment.

One of the things that makes us unique is our philosophy of whole body wellness that extends beyond the eyes. This refreshing view of vision care allows us to 'see' the whole person and to make recommendations that extend beyond just clear vision and healthy eyes.


Dave Martin, O.D.

Optometrist & Vision Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Martin received his undergraduate degree from Northern Michigan University. Dr. Martin then continued his optometric training and received his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Illinois College of Optometry in 2005. He then received additional training in Vision Therapy and Vision Development at the Kansas Vision Development Center, the largest vision development center in the state of Kansas. He then completed the clinical curriculum from the Optometric Program Extension Foundation. One of Dr. Martin’s passions is neuro-optometric vision rehabilitation and truly enjoys helping patients that suffer from traumatic brain injuries, such as concussion, return to a more normal life and help them to continue to pursue their interests.  He is also pursuing a fellowship from the Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation Association.

Alia Santoyo-Johnson, O.D., FCSO

Optometrist & Vision Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Alia Santoyo-Johnson is a behavioral optometrist who is a Board Certified Fellow in Light therapy by the College of Syntonic Optometry.  She was recently appointed as a trustee for College of Syntonic Optometry (  She is a 2006 clinical honors graduate from the Illinois College of Optometry; with additional training at the Vision Therapy Center in Brookfield, WI, The Illinois Eye Institute-Advanced Care Center, Chicago Cornea Consultants, and the Battle Creek VA Center.  Her undergraduate studies were at Marquette University where she graduated with high honors.

Dr. Santoyo-Johnson takes special interest in neuro-optometric rehabilitation, concussion rehabilitation, ocular disease, vision therapy, functional vision, health and wellness, nutrition, and photobiomodulation.   She believes in treating a patient as a whole… mind, body and soul.  She loves treating challenging cases with photo-therapy and visual rehabilitation. Dr. Santoyo-Johnson likes to educate and empower her patients with individual wellness plans and goals.

Dr. Santoyo-Johnson is currently pursuing a second fellowship from the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association (, sound healing certification, and a degree in energy medicine.  Dr. Santoyo-Johnson is very passionate about the field of developmental optometry, vision therapy, concussion therapy,  Syntonic Optometry, and neuro-optometric rehabilitation.   She belongs to and enjoys learning from organizations such as, Optometric Extension Program (OEP), The College of Syntonic Optometry, The Ocular Nutrition and Wellness Society, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, and the Illinois Optometric Association.  She will always strive to make your family’s health, wellness, and functional vision her top priority.

Kimberly Von Holten

Vision Therapy Director

Kim has been the vision therapy/rehabilitation director for the Family Vision Development Center since July 2010, when the practice first opened.  She has 11 years experience in vision therapy and 14 years of experience in the education industry from teaching behavioral/emotional students to recruiting for a graduate school.  Kim holds a bachelor’s degree in education with psychology and has completed graduate level courses in special education and business.   She is married with two school-age daughters.


At Family Vision Development Center, our goal is to promote good eye health and enable you to have the clearest vision possible. We accept several types of vision insurance, cash, checks, and most credit cards. We inform our Aurora patients about exam and treatment costs at the beginning of each appointment and are happy to provide a breakdown of costs if requested. Did you know that medical insurance often covers an eye exam, even if you don’t have separate Vision Insurance. If you do have Vision Insurance, that may cover glasses and contacts. Check with our knowledgeable team!

Vision Insurance

The knowledgeable staff at Family Vision Development Center is experienced in working with vision insurance providers. We will work directly with you and your vision insurer to submit claims regarding your vision care.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Many employers offer Flexible Spending Account (FSA) options to employees. These plans are designed to let you save money in an account, pre-tax, to pay for additional medical expenses such as eye exams, glasses, contacts, and often laser vision surgery. FSAs can typically be used in conjunction with any vision insurance plan to offset any out-of-pocket costs on your behalf.

Other Payment Options

Our Aurora optometry staff understands that cost is a concern when evaluating vision care providers. We do not want cost to be an obstacle to maintaining proper eye health and good vision. We accept various forms of payment and are able to discuss financing options with you prior to any examination. At Family Vision Development Center, we also accept cash, check, and major credit cards. Call 630-862-2020 today to schedule your eye exam today.

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