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Sharpen Athletic Skills Now to Excel in School Sports

Athletes are under a lot of pressure to perform well in their sports.  And it’s not just against competing teams. That competition starts during athletic tryouts when they need to be better, stronger, faster and more agile than their own teammates in order to secure the top spots on the team.  One way to gain an edge on the field, court or ice is through sports vision therapy.

Sports Vision Therapy

An athlete’s performance depends greatly on their visual ability. Sports Vision Therapy is a progressive program of vision exercises that enhance fundamental vision skills and abilities that are critical to athletic performance.  Many athletes in a variety of different sports use this type of therapy, and the right therapist and program can help an athlete gain an edge over the other competitors on the field.

Enhanced Athletic Skills and Abilities

During a sports vision therapy program, athletes work on enhancing the following athletic skills and abilities:

  • Peripheral vision – seeing out of the corners of your eyes
  • Depth perception – judging the distance and speed of objects or players on the playing field
  • Visual tracking – the ability to follow a moving object easily and accurately with your eyes
  • Visual reaction time – the time you need to see and react to visual information (such as a ball coming at your head)
  • Hand-eye coordination – the ability to effectively coordinate your eyes and hands during a game

Family Vision Development Center Specializes in Vision Therapy

The level of athletic proficiency needed in each of these skills varies depending on the sport.  Because each sport, and each athlete, is different, our vision therapy programs are customized to each patient.  Our goal is to improve the eye function of athletes and reduce their risk of injury, by enhancing their visual perceptual skills and visual motor skills.  Following a thorough evaluation, the therapeutic eye exercises are completed right in our office by our highly-skilled vision therapy specialists, with incredible results.

Get ready to take your game to the next level!  Contact us today at 630-862-2020 to get started on an individualized training plan custom-tailored to your sport and athletic needs.


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