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4 Real World Examples of Adult Vision Therapy Benefits

Vision plays such an important role in our everyday lives, at every age. That’s why it is essential to take the necessary steps to correct or enhance visual abilities whenever possible. Adult vision therapy is one way to sharpen or restore visual skills that are used on a daily basis. Here are some situations encountered by most adults that are easier when supported with proper visual function.

Common Vision Problems Addressed by Adult Vision Therapy

Before jumping into real-life examples, it is important to understand what vision issues adult vision therapy actually addresses. Vision therapy programs are a kind of training for the eyes and brain, that involve visual activities and exercises. These exercises are not necessarily about strengthening eye muscles, but rather retraining the brain to process visual signals more efficiently. Adult vision therapy programs could target any of the following visual concerns:

  • Eye teaming issues: Difficulty using both eyes together, leading to double vision or poor depth perception.
  • Focusing problems: Difficulty focusing on near or far objects, causing eye strain and headaches.
  • Eye tracking problems: Difficulty following moving objects or keeping the eyes focused on a single point while reading.
  • Peripheral vision problems: Limited awareness of the visual field on either side.
  • Visual-motor integration problems: Difficulty coordinating eye movements with hand movements, impacting hand-eye coordination.

Adult Vision Therapy Benefits in Action

Working with our trained team to complete an adult vision therapy program can make a significant difference in many daily activities.

Job Performance

Proper visual skills are needed for many aspects of a job, such as fine-detail work, computer work and presentations. Vision therapy can help improve reading and writing ability, concentration, as well as the ability to shift visual focus from close up to farther distances. Additionally, it can help to reduce eye strain during extended periods of close-up work. These improvements can increase performance, efficiency and productivity and reduce stress on the job.

Athletic Performance

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to desire above-average performance in sporting activities. Many adults play on recreational leagues for basketball, softball, volleyball or pickleball, for example. Adult vision therapy programs are a very effective way to improve athletic performance. In fact, athletes of all skill levels can see improvements in visual skills such as hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, tracking and reaction time.

Driving Ability

Vision, of course, plays an important role in a person’s ability to drive a car. In order to safely operate a vehicle, you must be able to see clearly, both up close and at a distance. Eyeglasses or contacts can help with improving general vision issues. But adult vision therapy can significantly improve additional visual concerns, such as poor night vision, glare sensitivity, or difficulties with depth perception or peripheral vision. Correcting these issues would ultimately lead to a much safer driving experience.

Social Anxiety and Confidence

Adult vision therapy is certainly not a direct treatment for social anxiety. However, the positive effects it can have on visual function can contribute to an overall improvement in confidence and comfort in social interactions. Living with a vision disorder can have the same effect on an adult as it does on a child.  And certainly, a daily struggle with underdeveloped visual skills can potentially have a big impact on your overall emotional health.  An adult vision therapy program is a great way to improve overall performance, motivation and self-confidence, which can result in more happiness at home and with your friends and family.

Family Vision Development Center for Adult Vision Therapy

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