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We Are Open and Here For Your Vision Issues During This Crisis!

Dr. Martin and his staff are providing essential services for those who have eyecare needs/ vision issues during this COVID-19 restricted time.  We understand that, while things like regular checkups may not be urgent, vision issues or immediate problems are not to be put off and can require an appointment.


We want you to know that we are cleaning the office and adhering to healthcare recommendations in order to keep you and your family safe while you visit our office.  Our appointment times are changing often so please call us directly if you have a concern or question.  We can then check for opening on our revised calendar so we can schedule you a visit during our open hours.


If you are experiencing vision issues such a double-vision, “floaters,” blurry vision, or new headaches, these are issues that should not be put off to a later date.  Please call us and we can advise you if you need to be seen by one of our doctors.  Oftentimes, the sooner a condition is treated, the better results the patient will see.


Also, for those of you that have children at home, now that you are watching them go thru their daily school work, you may notice some habits which could indicate they are having vision issues.  If you see any of the following, please let us know:

  • Leaning in very close to a paper they are reading
  • Complaints of headaches towards the end of the day
  • Excessive blinking while they are reading
  • They are covering one eye while reading
  • They focus for only a very short time and then walk away or stop reading often

These could all indicate vision issues.  Please contact our office to let us know what signs they are exhibiting so we can further advise you as to the what the problem may be.

Everyone here at Family Vision Development Center hopes that you take the time to enjoy this extra time with family, take the time to slow down a bit, and that you stay healthy & safe!  Please contact us at 630-862-2020 to ask any questions you may have or to schedule an urgent appointment.

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3 Easy Vision Therapy Activities Children Can do at Home

If your child suffers from vision issues, you know just how much of an impact this can have on their school performance. Visual processing skills are critical to a child’s success, and vision therapy is an effective way to treat many eye conditions. Family Vision Development Center vision therapy programs are customized for each patient, and include in-office evaluation and treatment along with at-home exercises. While most vision therapy exercises are technical and designed to treat specific eye disorders, there are some general activities that can be done at home that will allow you to include ALL family members in the fun.

Here are some hands-on activities you can do at home with your children to help develop their visual processing skills. Please note: these activities are not meant to replace a professional vision therapy program. You should talk to your doctor before starting any vision therapy exercises to ensure you are completing the correct activities for your diagnosis.

Activity #1: Puzzles and Mazes

Puzzles are a fun, family activity that can help your child with visual perception or visual thinking. Be sure not to choose a puzzle that’s so hard your child becomes frustrated. Mazes are also a great tool to build visual tracking skills. Have your child complete the maze with a pencil and again with their finger.

Activity #2: Drawing and Coloring

Coloring and drawing are easy ways for children to work on hand-eye coordination and attention to detail. Many children with eye disorders can benefit from coloring. For example, children with Amblyopia who are being treated with an eye patch can strengthen the “lazy eye” by coloring and drawing while wearing their patch.

Activity #3: Board Games

Board games can not only help you limit your child’s screen time, but many of them can help develop visual processing skills as well. While there is a wealth of modern educational board games available, some of the “old fashioned” games like Connect 4, Operation and Pick-Up-Sticks can be just as beneficial and fun.

 At Family Vision Development Center, vision therapy is our specialty and we are passionate about helping your child. If you think your child may have vision issues, contact us right away to see how vision therapy can help. We will customize a program to meet your child’s individual needs. Visit us online or call 630-862-2020 to schedule an appointment. Serving Aurora, Woodridge, & others.

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