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Family Vision Forms Exciting New Partnership for Concussion Care

Family Vision Development Center is excited to announce our new affiliation with Complete Concussions! Through this new relationship we are confident you will receive the most comprehensive concussion care, by coordinating important instructions and information amongst your providers.

Complete Concussions Overview

Coordinating concussion care can be difficult. But it is important for all of your concussion providers to be aware of other care you may be receiving. Indeed, this is the most effective way to ensure proper treatment and recovery.  Complete Concussions is a global network of concussion care providers with one centralized location for patient referrals, care instructions, follow-up protocols and more. Their primary focus is concussion care and management using a network of specialists, clinics and providers worldwide.  This network allows your concussion care to be coordinated among providers, coaches, etc. by gathering all important information in one place.

Family Vision Development Center as a Partner

Family Vision Development Center is proud to be included in the selection of trusted providers in the Complete Concussions network.  Our concussion care professionals are trained in advanced neuro-optometric vision rehabilitation treatments that are often necessary following a concussion. Our inclusion in this network will allow primary care physicians, physical therapists, parents and others who may not know where to turn for these specialized services, to easily locate and contact our office. Additionally, they will be able to access progress updates, request more information, and coordinate long-term solutions.

Coordinating your Vision Therapy Following a Concussion

A concussion can cause changes to your vision. When this happens, it is known as post-concussive vision syndrome. A person who experiences a blow to the head that results in a concussion could experience problems such as:

  • Eye focusing – not being able to quickly and easily see an object clearly (objects look blurry)
  • Eye Movements and Tracking – not able to easily follow a moving object from one spot to another, or switch fixation from one object to another. Sometimes this can be reported by students saying that words are moving on the page.
  • Depth Perception Issues – difficulty with accurately judging the distance between objects.
  • Eye Teaming – not able to get both eyes to work together to focus on an object, often reported as double vision
  • Peripheral Vision Loss – problems with your wide-angle field of vision, or feeling like you’re looking through a narrow tube
  • Fatigue – more intense than normal, and not alleviated by rest
  • Headaches – headache pain is common following a head injury and can range from dull to pounding or throbbing
  • Memory – long-term or short-term memory loss can occur immediately following a concussion or can develop weeks, months or years after

Vision therapy is an extremely effective form of treatment for post-concussive vision syndrome that occurs following a head injury.  This type of individualized neuro-optometric vision rehabilitation helps to retrain the visual system to restore proper communication between the eyes and brain.  Any of the above visual issues can affect athletic or school performance, and precautions should be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of an affected student.  Coordinated concussion care can alert parents, coaches and doctors when it is safe for an athlete to return to play or a student to return to normal classroom activities.

To learn more about our new partnership, get more information about concussion care or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 630-862-2020.


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