Age related vision

Stop Worrying About these 3 Common Age-Related Vision Issues

Some things just get better with age – like wine, cheese or even a lasting friendship! But we can’t always say the same for our vision. Unfortunately, aging can bring about a number of visual concerns. Some can be serious, but others, like those below, are often simply an effect of getting older. On the bright side, while you may not be able to completely avoid these common issues, there are ways to help minimize the effects.

Vision Issues that Tend to Worsen with Age

  • Presbyopia – this is the gradual loss of the eyes’ ability to focus on close objects or small print. Indeed, it tends to be one of the most common complaints of getting older, as reading becomes much more difficult and headaches become more common as a result. For mild cases of presbyopia, simply holding things farther away when reading or increasing the font size on your screen can do the trick. However, as it progresses, glasses or contacts in the appropriate prescription may be needed for comfortable vision.
  • Dry eyes – this occurs when there are not enough tears, or insufficient quality of tears, lubricating the eyes. This condition is very common in older adults. In fact, the majority of people over age 65 experience some level of dry eyes. However, lubricating tears are important to keep the surface of the eyes smooth, clear and comfortable, as well as wash away any foreign matter or debris. Eye drops or artificial tear solutions can help combat symptoms. Better yet, to prevent a bad case of dry eyes, you can stay hydrated, use a humidifier at home and wear sunglasses
  • Cataracts – cataracts are a clouding of the eye lens that causes changes in vision. For example, you may experience blurry or cloudy vision, double vision, light sensitivity or you may see halos around lights. Unfortunately, the biggest risk factor for developing cataracts is age, so you can’t avoid that. However, protecting your eyes with sunglasses or brimmed hats, quitting smoking and eating a nutrient-rich diet of fruits and vegetables can help to combat other known risk factors. And if they become too bothersome, they can be easily removed through a common surgery.

Eye Care at Every Age

No matter your age, an annual vision exam is essential in order to maintain proper eye health. Many eye diseases start without any symptoms and therefore go unnoticed for long periods of time, making treatment options more difficult in some cases.  A comprehensive eye exam is the best way to detect these diseases in their early stages when treatment is most effective for preventing vision loss. Additionally, regular visits help us to quickly identify unusual vision changes, as well as provide guidance throughout the years to keep your vision strong for your lifetime.

It’s never too late to start taking proper care of your vision! The caring team at Family Vision Development Center is dedicated to providing the best vision care to all of our patients, at every age. Be sure to contact our Aurora location at 630-862-2020 to schedule an appointment today.


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