How to Care for Contact Lenses

If you are wearing contact lenses to correct your vision, it is important that you care for them properly in order to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.

Personal Care

There are a number of things you can do in terms of personal hygiene that will help keep the process of replacing your contact lenses clean and sanitary.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap and rinse completely before touching the contact lenses
  • Make sure your hands are free of any lotions or oils, or lint from towels, before handling the lenses
  • Keep your fingernails short and smooth and try to avoid contact between your nails and the lenses

Contact Lens Care

Proper care of contact lenses requires following the specific routine prescribed by your eye care professional.  The following tips will ensure the best experience possible:

  • Use fresh, unexpired lens solution and carefully follow the specific instructions on the solution bottle
  • Not all solutions are safe for all lenses so do not alternate or mix solutions
  • Do not put lenses in your mouth or use saliva to lubricate your lenses
  • Never rinse your lenses in tap water, as the lens could wash down the drain, or the impurities in the water may damage the lenses
  • Contact lenses should be stored in an appropriate lens case, and the case should be cleaned regularly to avoid bacteria growth

If you ever notice symptoms of redness, itching, burning, eye pain, discomfort or any abnormal changes in your vision it is important to remove the contact lenses and contact your optometrist immediately.

Regular Eye Exams Are An Important Part Of Wearing Contacts

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