How to Properly Care For Eyeglasses to Make Them Last

With the cost of a new pair of prescription eyeglasses, it is surprising how often people mistreat them.  Not properly caring for your eyeglasses can lead to unintentional and unnecessary damage, or even the need for replacement, so follow these tips to help your eyeglasses stay protected.

What You Definitely Should Do

The best thing you can do for your glasses is to keep them clean.  Keep the following things in mind in order to avoid scratching the lenses or causing other damage during the cleaning process:

  • Make sure your hands are clean and free of dirt or oils
  • Use lukewarm tap water and a drop of dishwashing liquid, and gently rub both sides of the lenses and frames
  • Rinse thoroughly and shake to remove excess water
  • Gently dry with a clean, soft microfiber cloth for best results

Besides regularly cleaning your eyeglasses, you can further protect them by keeping them stored in a hard case when not wearing them, keeping the lenses facing upward when laying them down, and remembering to put them on and remove them using both hands in order to avoid misaligning the frames.

What You Should Avoid Doing

Glasses don’t last forever, so to get the most life out of them you must stop abusing them!  Here are some things that can damage your eyeglasses:

  • Using your clothes to wipe the lenses – wiping your glasses on your shirt can scratch the lenses or leave lint behind
  • Putting them on top of your head – this can stretch out the frames
  • Falling asleep with them on – this may not be intentional, but it can also misalign the frames so try to remember to take them off when you lie down
  • Using household glass cleaning products to clean them – the ingredients in these products can cause a lot of damage to the lenses

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