When You Should Wear Protective Eyewear

Eyes are very susceptible to injury, and there are many different types of environments that warrant wearing protective lenses.  Here are some situations where protective eyewear could save your vision:

At Work

If you work in an environment where you encounter flying debris, particles, dust or dangerous materials, safety goggles should always be worn for protection.  Jobs that involve working with chemicals, construction work or welding are all occupations where protective eyewear is a necessity to avoid potential injury.

When Playing Sports

Regular prescription glasses or contacts do not protect against eye injuries, so special protective eyewear with impact-resistant lenses should be worn when playing sports that involve a ball, a puck, a racquet or anything that might hit you in the face.  But flying objects are not the only hazard.  Many eye injuries come from pokes or jabs by fingers and elbows, especially during games where players are in close contact with each other.

When Out In The Sun

You may not think of sunglasses as protective eyewear, but they most definitely fall into this category.  The sun’s UV rays are very harmful to your eyes, and extended exposure has been linked to eye damage such as cataracts and macular degeneration.  Always look for sunglasses that block 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays.

In High-Speed Vehicles

Anytime you are in or on a high-speed vehicle, such as a motorcycle, snowmobile, race car or jet ski, for example, a visor or helmet with a protective shield can protect the eyes from high winds or flying debris or dust.  The lenses need to be shatterproof, so fragments would be blocked from entering the eye if there was an impact.

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