Improve Performance With Sports Vision Therapy

Improve Performance With Sports Vision Therapy

Just like speed and strength, vision also plays a big role in sports.  Many different vision skills work together to affect how well you play a sport.  Exercise and practice can not only increase your strength and speed, they can also improve your visual fitness and accuracy through sports vision therapy.  Unlike other forms of exercise, the goal of this therapy is not to strengthen the eye muscles, but to change how you process or interpret visual information.

What Is Sports Vision Therapy?

Sports Vision Therapy is a progressive program of vision exercises that enhance fundamental vision skills and abilities that are critical to athletic performance.  Many athletes in a variety of different sports use this type of therapy, and the right therapist and program can help an athlete gain an edge over the other competitors on the field.

Sports Vision Therapy Can Enhance Or Improve A Wide Range Of Visual Skills Including The Following:

  • Peripheral vision – seeing out of the corners of your eyes
  •  Depth perception – judging the distance and speed of objects or players on the playing field
  • Visual tracking – the ability to follow a moving object easily and accurately with your eyes
  • Visual reaction time – the time you need to see and react to visual information (such as a ball coming at your head)
  • Hand-eye coordination – the ability to effectively coordinate your eyes and hands during a game

What Vision Therapists Offer

At Family Vision Development Center in Aurora, IL, we offer evaluations that are individually designed to improve sports vision skills, and go above and beyond a normal eye exam.  We will create a personalized vision therapy program designed to improve visual efficiency, which will in turn improve athletic performance.

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