Avoid Cheap Glasses at All Costs

Avoid Cheap Glasses At All Costs

When considering the purchase of prescription glasses or sunglasses, it is often easy to be lured in by advertisements for cheap eyewear that are promoted by online retailers, discount stores or mall kiosks. These outlets often make promises that the glasses will be of the same quality as higher-priced pairs, and offer a tempting way to save some money.

But is it really worth it?

While it is logical to want to save money whenever possible, it is important to keep in mind that you really do get what you pay for and deals that seem too good to be true probably are.

There Are A Number Of Problems With Purchasing Cheap Eyeglasses Or Sunglasses That You Should Be Aware Of.

  • Cheap glasses and sunglasses can actually cause damage to your eyes through inadequate UV protection or incorrect magnifying power
  • Cutting out the brick and mortar store also eliminates personal service and fitting expertise
  • A larger selection can be confusing without a professional to help you make the right choice for your face
  • Cheap frames can irritate skin and break easily, and the discount sellers may not be around long enough to honor any warranties

There Are Ways To Get High-Quality Glasses And Still Get A Good Value

  • Take advantage of your insurance benefits.  Many people have vision benefits included in their plans and can get discounts on eyewear this way.
  • Read the warranty information.  Some warranties will protect against scratches and frame defects.
  • Ask your eye care professional if they have any special discounts available

The professionals at Family Vision Development Center want to make sure you do not sacrifice your vision just to save a few dollars.  Protecting your eyes and your eyesight is so important, as our lives become much more difficult when our vision is compromised.  High-quality eyewear is one way to accomplish this and we offer a great selection for you to choose from with the most up-to-date lens technology.

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